Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lost & Found

How would you react if you notice a recognizable face from yesteryears in one of the least preferred spots --the public restroom? It was the Men's Restroom at Spice Hut (an Indian Fast Food Joint) at Fremont where I once again met my ex-college mate after so many years. Of course, it didn't happen like in the movies, when you are knocking on the neighboring stall asking for more tissue paper. But still, that's not the place you are supposed to have a Lost & Found. I, of course, ensured that we shook hands only after following CA Dept of Health's protocol on hand hygiene, and there were strictly no hugs in the land of Brokeback Mountain.

If this reminds you of your chance meeting with someone at such an unholy place as the restroom, do post a comment with your experience.


Anonymous said...

recognizable face or familiar sound?

prabhu.i.am said...

Offensive but placeable fetor, I would say. Before my nose could locate the source, I heard the flush, a scrubbing noise and out he came making a sheepish eye contact. He too had recognized me. I let the fume pass, and changed the topic to better things, such as our achievements in all these years. Inadvertently, there weren't many, and mind regressed on the just smelt aroma.

Then we parted with the hope that we meet again, in a much holier place in the near future.