Thursday, June 26, 2008

Announcing! - Ayurveda Workshop on Health & Healing

Kerala Ayurveda, Wellness naturally, Presents series of talks on Health and Healing.

Be more in a control of your own health. The Kerala team of conventional and holistic Doctors will offer you the tools to empower your health. After all, it is your body, take charge and enjoy the bounty of energy, vigor and vitality!

Every 2nd Monday of the month, for an evening of health education followed by delicious Dinner.

Beauty is more than skin deep - Skin Health - July, 14th 08
Fit mind Fit Body - Mind Health - August, 11th 08
Turn your bad hair day to good hair day - Hair Health - September, 8th 08
Healthy Colon, healthy Body - Colon health - October, 13th 08
No pain Yes gain - Joint health - November, 10th 08
Bone strength for Body strength - Bone Health- January, 12th 09
Have a healthy heart for your valentine - Heart Health - February, 9th 09
Seize the sneeze, prevent allergies - Lung health - March, 9th 09
You are what you digest - Stomach health - April, 13th 09
Men zone, healthy Prostate - Prostate Health - May, 11th 09
Women special, Healthy Breasts - Breast Health - June, 8th 09

Mark your calendar. Bring a friend and double the fun.

Hosted by: Kerala Ayurveda Integrative Clinic (Ayurveda Institute of America)
Location: 561 Pilgrim Dr. Ste B, Foster city, CA 94404
Time: 6.30 – 8.30 pm 2nd Monday of each month
Donation: $10.00
Contact: Pleases call (650) 341 – 8400 /(888) 3- Kerala (353 – 7252) to reserve your space

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