Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quick and Tasty Chicken Reshmi Kabab

This is a quick recipe of a chicken reshmi kabab that you can prepare within half an hour and seldom go wrong. This serves as a mouthwatering spicy appetizer. It is tested on a lot of BayKons and gained appreciation from everybody who has tasted it.

  1. Chicken: 1 pound (Preferably boneless chicken breast)
  2. Garlic: 6-8 pods
  3. Green Chillies: 8-10 (Preferably thai chillies)
  4. Heavy Whipping Cream: Quarter pint
  5. Grated/Powdered Cheese (Preferably powdered Parmesan): 3 tablespoons
  6. Salt to taste
Marination/Cooking Process:
  1. Make a coarse Garlic and Green chillies. (do not make too smooth a paste; you can use bullet grinder for this purpose or chop them fine)
  2. Cut chicken into small pieces(half inch by half inch would be good) and mix it well in a large bowl with the paste made in step 1 and add salt to taste and keep it aside.
  3. Put the whipping cream in a small bowl and add the powdered/grated cheese and slowly mix it until the cheese dissolves. (mix slowly to avoid curdling of the cream)
  4. Add the above cream+cheese mixture to the marinated chicken in the large bowl and mix well and keep aside for 15-20 min
  5. Place the marinated chicken on the oven tray (separation of 0.5 to 1 cm is good)
  6. Pre-heat the conventional oven to 420 deg. and put the tray in the oven
  7. Watch the chicken as it cooks and as you see it become slightly brown, turn it over and continue baking until the other side is light brown.
The kabab is ready to the consumed .... eat it hot for better taste. Also, do not overcook; overcooking make the chicken dry and am sure everybody by now knows that things taste better when juicy ;)

For the people sensitive to fat, you can skip cream and cheese; the kabab will not turn out soft; but it would sure be tasty.

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