Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Konkani Lullabies/Songs for kids

While we were expecting our dear Esha, we hunted the internet for Konkani songs on the internet but could not find any. We had to settle for a few (just a couple) of broken Konkani songs we knew but were able to manage with a mix of Konkani and English. These days Esha has caught up on English rhymes.
Below a collection of a few Konkani songs for babies/kids ... perhaps would be helpful to expecting parents.

Yo Re Cherda Dhavnu : Konkani Kids Song to motivate your little one to eat better. "Come running to me dear; Come with your milk and rice; Eat your milk and rice well; Grow bigger and stronger !"
Uth Re Krishna Velu Jello : Konkani Kids Song to gently wake up your little one
Purr Purr Re Kanna Gayi Mhashi : Konkani Lullaby to induce your baby to sleep
Phanther Phude Uttanu :A wake up song in Konkani for your toddler encouraging him/her to get up at dawn and complete the days routine: brush teeth, prayer, breakfast, school etc.
Paav Nandan Paav Nandan :Popular Konkani Kid's song to wean your fussy eater away from playing outdoors and get him / her to eat something ! Sung by Late Shri Surendra Prabhu and Gayatri Mallya
Kao Kao Yette Yette : Konkani Kid's Song about the activities of a peacock ?
Jo Jo Re Jo Bala : A mellow song to praise your child while also inculcating a sense of devotion to God.
Gongo Aylo Gongo : A playful kids song in Konkani. Best sung when chasing them around the house, playfully scaring them dressed up as a ghost !
Gajja Gajja Mallakka : Another funny Konkani Kid song that could be sung while giving them a bath and an oil massage.
Akka Makka Taak Nakka : Funny Konkani Kid's song about siblings, perhaps a boy and an older girl. The boy insists on having his sister share her "kelyan phodi" (fried plantain fritter) with him rather than buttermilk !
Jo Jo Srikrishna: Konkani lullaby by Puttur Narasimha Nayak
Disclaimer: None of the BayKon related people are responsible for recording/uploading these mp3 files. The above is a compilation of links to the mp3s on uploaded by some unknown third party.


Jayakara Kini said...

Unable to download the mp3. Please let me know how to download the mp3. Thanx. Jayakara Kini

Konkani Malla said...

Follow the following steps to download MP3s:
1. Click on the link to the song
2. On the player, right click and click on "Properties"
3. Copy the url corresponding to the location on the property dialog.
4. Paste the url in the address bar of your browser and the browser will prompt you to open/save the MP3.

Anonymous said...

I still cannot download using the described procedure. When I right click on the player, it doesn't show properties.
Pls. let me know some other way to download in mp3 format.

Arti Kamath

Anonymous said...

Usually you will ding the "Download" link under the player (look for the following links in a line: Download - Add to Favorites - Add to Quicklist - Flag as Inappropriate )

The person uploading the files has the option to set if the file can be downloaded; if the file download is diabled, you would not find the Download link. However, most of the songs I have heard from this site are downloadable.

Anand Bhandarkar said...

hi all my name is

Anand Bhandarkar

i have download the tracks and uploaded it on rapidshare it is a zip file with all the tracks

here is the link ... i have also added Two more track called

Taa Thingana

This is a Konkani song sung by my cousin Tara Kini, arrangements mine. Part is for the Indian and part for the Reggae lover. The song is sung by mothers to entice the child into eating...

Hava gelo

A song about a boy meeting his girl, who invites him in to meet her dad.. He instead woos her into going for a spin with him to many places.. Asynchronus rhythm layers set to an indian tempo cycle...

have fun

if u want to contact me .... mail me on
i dont visit this blog i was searching and i found this
peace .......

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anand,
However, with the risks involved in downloading zip files from the internet, people generally do not want to download them. In case you have links to those songs on esnips or youtube, please feel free to share them with us.

dsouzajames said...

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