Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Listen to Ashamai's Konkani stories ....


Who is Ashamai and what does she do?
AshaMai (Asha Shenoy), at 60, is a housewife living in Bangalore, with her husband Shantananda Shenoy. She has raised 3 children and 2 grand kids . There are countless number of kids who have listened to short and sweet stories from her. The story might have a moral, which can apply to grown up kids like us as well !!.

How do i send my feedback to Ashamai?
Since this is Ashamai's first attempt on mass story telling,we truely value your feedbacks.
Ashamai can be reached at ashasshenoy@gmail.com For updates to these stories and for providing your feedbacks, register in the Discussion board today !!


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Anonymous said...

Very impressive find Balu maam