Monday, January 7, 2008

More Amchigle Gyadi (Konkani Proverbs/Sayings)

1> Pittali bhair palli (One's true nature became evident)
2> Vaasru ghalle (Broke down)
3> Thappil budle (Things didn't go well)
4> Ghoodu ghallo (Broke down, died)
5> Nanka Kappusu dovornu vairi pallo (Barely made it)
6> Dhar pakdo kelle (Cheated)
7> Divali jalle (Went bankrupt)
8> Dhendo ghallo (Moved in, generally against the hosts wish)
9> Patlam ghevnu ailo (Came with a lot of unwanted guests)
10> Chano khavnu haathu dhulle vari (Did a neat job, no mess)
11> Sukkhale sungata she (Very thin, shriveled up)
12> Kaddi paihlvan (Thin but strong fellow)
13> Kuvvale katthorche (Boasting)
14> Kotwal khanu she karta (Behaves haughtily)
15> Rayyana appalali chedu rambhe jattha (A woman's status in life depends upon who notices her)
16> O mahleri tow gothna (Does'nt know a damn thing)
17> Thonda kodu kelle (Expressed disgust)
18> Jibbe ka lagamu na (Talks incessantly)
19> Thote marche (Looking at women hungrily)

Credits: Written by my uncle Bob Kamath.


Anonymous said...

Very nice compilation of konkani proverbs.

Anonymous said...

proud to be a konkani

K.Boy said...

Couple of more to add to the list

Naankaa tudiyeri copoo (short tempetered)

Vainku panboora ochun aylo (went and came back without any accomplisments)

Whollo hasti paadu (big deal,boasting about something big for a small thing)

Wholle kattartaa (one exaggerates)

Whoddstic pale ( look at his showing off)